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On Sun, 10 Jan 1999, wrote:
> Well, yes, it was a sort of slate blue in the anime, but then the Zugock
> was also blue, albeit two-toned, which they molded in two tones of gray.
> A Hygog is a gray midway between the two tones of the Zugock would've been
> ace!

OK I just finished Zugock-E and is practically done with Hygog. Only
thing left is to paint the primary color. The light gray on Zugock-E is
pretty nice, but the dark gray scream boring! I am thinking about a
greenish gray, any suggestion? As for Hygog, is the cover art on the box
an accurate color? I haven't seen the anime, so I have no idea!

If you could give your suggestion in Testor colors I would love you! ^_^

Oh, my slightly facetious suggestion to the best kit: Musai! Sure it
needs a lot of (I mean a LOT) filing and painting and is a bit of a pain
to put together. But in the end I got a pretty serious looking battle

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