Re: The Logic of Warships in Gundam

Mark Nguyen (
Sun, 10 Jan 1999 17:09:55 PST

> Exactly right. The Zeons began development of the E-cap when the
>appeared, and didn't complete it until the last few weeks of the war -
>too late to change the course of the war.

How drastic a change could this be? Someone once told be that it'd be
like the introduction of jet fighters in WWII, but I'm not too sure I

I think that the Zavi family power struggles were the single largest
deciding factor - and if the movies didn't lose too much plot, then I
think it would have happened anyway...

> Exactly right. If the attacks on Solomon or A Bao A Qu had failed,
>those GMs would have been stranded without repair or resupply
>The best they could have done was to cram 'em back into surviving
>transport ships and ferry them back to Luna Two!

Straying into "what if" territory... Uh oh. ;)

That's assuming that there were enough transports left. I figured the
space around Solomon and A Bao A Qu would be one big turkey shoot with
all those warships. I wonder what would have occurred if Jion go their
hands on a fully-functional, but abandonned, GM MS? That's assuming of
course they didn't have self-destruct capabilities...


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