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>> 1: MSM-07/E Zugock-E
>> The first three models are wondrous. All of the parts are molded in
>> exactly the right colors, no painting required, and the finished model is a
>> beauty and a joy forever.
> Never thought I'd heard you gush about models Dyar! Heh heh!
> Seriously, in my opinion the first Five kits kick butt hands-down!

I've never been a very good hand at assembling models, but if they go
together quickly and easily and end up looking like they should without
additional work, how can I not sing their praises?

>> The Hygog is the first disappointment in the series. The backpack is done
>> in the same international orange as the missile pods and the Hygog itself
> Well, from what I remember of the anime both the missile pods AND the
>Backpack are _supposed_ to be bright orange. In this sense it helps you
>not need to paint it (as you do need to do with the Zugock).

Hmmm. Now that I look back, you're right. The backpack is discarded when
the Hygog leaves the water, so it wasn't included in my mental picture of
the MS in action. So all I have to do to get the "stalking Hygog" is lose
the backpack!

And paint the whole damn thing a more realistic color....

>> is done in a disconcerting baby blue. The extensible arm gimmick is about
> Well, again, I remember it being a Baby-blue color in the anime. It was
>that color, wasn't it?

Well, yes, it was a sort of slate blue in the anime, but then the Zugock
was also blue, albeit two-toned, which they molded in two tones of gray.

A Hygog is a gray midway between the two tones of the Zugock would've been ace!

>> the only thing that saves it. The anime Hygog was a menacing monster to
>> which the model doesn't do justice. The model looks like a joke if you
>> build it as-is.
> Hrm.
> I'll admit I painted it rather extensively with lots of detail and
>perhaps most importantly, "Black Backing" all of the parts to make the
>color seem darker and less transparent. It does worlds to improve the look
>of the Hygog (particularly painting the monstrously large shoulder-armors
>black underneath). I'll certainly admit that leaving the Hygog unpainted
>is a bad idea, but so is it with the Kamfper as well.

Which was preceisly my point. I cherish the rest of the 0080 line so much
simply because they were no-fuss -- snap 'em together and voila! MS-terpiece!


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