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Mark Simmons (
Sun, 10 Jan 1999 16:36:19 -0800

Jonathan Souza writes,

> And, they had the five committed carriers. Ships that could stay
>with the battle line, and fight in an engagment, and wern't as vunerable
>to damage as the converted transport hulls. If the war lasted longer,
>there would be at least a dozen more carriers.

  There were only a total of six even under construction at the end of
the war - the construction of the Albion began in 0081. The Feds had no
plans to roll out more Pegasus-class carriers, and their impact on the
war (aside from White Base's famous usefulness as a decoy) was
effectively nil.

> Recheck your specs, Mark. The Jamesgun and the Javelin have more
>thrusters, are lighter, and have better thrust to weight ratio than the
>Tomliatt and Zolo MS.

  The Tomliatt and Zolo have beam rotors for supplemental lift, hence
their lower thrust. Zanscare's non-beam rotor-equipped mobile suits have
at least as much thrust, seriously better generators (the basic Zoloatt
has a third more power than the Javelin), more apogee motors and way more
weapons. Makes sense, after all; they're about 30 years newer than the
near-obsolete Federation mobile suits.

>What the Zanscarl had were more experienced pilots(they had fought against
>colonies and the League Militare), the military will to commit their
>units, and a political backing the Federation didn't have.

  The piloting skills are a wash. Like Zeon, Zanscare relies heavily on
student pilots and draftees, with little skill or training. Up until the
beginning of the series, they hadn't battled the League Militaire at all.
Aside from the Yellowjackets, an elite test group, the Zanscare Empire
relies on high-quality mobile suits and force of numbers rather than
well-trained pilots.

> If the Federation is smart, they'd build more GunEzs and replace the
>Jamesgun and Javelin.

  The Federation doesn't make the GunEZ - the League Militaire does, and
it's only in the last dozen episodes that the Federation has any kind of
an official relationship with the LM. Mind you, I doubt the decrepit
Federation of the V Gundam era even has any operational mobile suit
production lines any more...

-- Mark

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