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>>is done in a disconcerting baby blue. The extensible arm gimmick is
>>the only thing that saves it. The anime Hygog was a menacing monster
>>which the model doesn't do justice. The model looks like a joke if you
>>build it as-is.
>Completely agree! Mine was painted, but that does not address the
>problem with its loose joints.

This is the one question I have for you other modellers. Why is it that a
 lot of
you have joint problems with your models? Do you guys sand all of your
before you put them together, or something? I was wondering, because
than the ZZ, S, and Ex-S Gundams, I've never had any problems with the
on my models, or getting them to stand up straight. Maybe it is because I
a bit of the flash on the models and polycaps, maybe it is because I only
those parts that *really* need to be sanded. All I do know is that I only
problems with those models notorius for problems because they are so back

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