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        You all might remember the discussion a few months ago about the
calibre of the Gundams Vulcan cannons. Well, this topic recently came up
on the Mekton Mailing List as well, and the following information has
come to light, so I thought I'd pass it on (I can't remember whether we
ever did solve the problem originally... ):
Well I did some research and have laid this subject
to rest. The vulcans of the RX-78-2 are clearly
shown in the Hobby Japan Gundam Weapons 5 Master
Grade Model Special Edition Book ISBN#
T1008128101509. On pages 37 through 49 it shows
Kunio Okawara's design drawings for the master grade
Gundam. On page 45 center is a cutaway drawing of
the Gundam's head at three-quarters profile. Shown
in high detail is the vulcan and ammo feed. IT IS A
see it's the Gundam Mark-II that has the
six-barrelled 60mm in it's "headphones" pack, my
mistake, too many Gundams, too few brain cells.

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