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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Sat, 9 Jan 1999 23:31:56 -0700 (MST)

> 1: MSM-07/E Zugock-E
> 2: RGM-79C GM-Command (Colony Type)
> 3: MS-06FZ Zaku-FZ
> 4: MSM-03/C Hygog
> 5: MS-09RII Rick-Dom II
> 6: MS-14JG Gelgoog-J
> 7: RGM-79GS GM-Command (Space Type)
> 8: MS-18E Kampfer
> 9: RX-78NT1 Gundam NT-1
> With the exceptions of the Rick Dom and Gundam, that's also the quality
> ranking that I would give to the models.
  I'd largely agree...

> The first three models are wondrous. All of the parts are molded in
> exactly the right colors, no painting required, and the finished model is a
> beauty and a joy forever.

  Never thought I'd heard you gush about models Dyar! Heh heh!
  Seriously, in my opinion the first Five kits kick butt hands-down!

> The Hygog is the first disappointment in the series. The backpack is done
> in the same international orange as the missile pods and the Hygog itself

  Well, from what I remember of the anime both the missile pods AND the
Backpack are _supposed_ to be bright orange. In this sense it helps you
not need to paint it (as you do need to do with the Zugock).

> is done in a disconcerting baby blue. The extensible arm gimmick is about

  Well, again, I remember it being a Baby-blue color in the anime. It was
that color, wasn't it?

> the only thing that saves it. The anime Hygog was a menacing monster to
> which the model doesn't do justice. The model looks like a joke if you
> build it as-is.

  I'll admit I painted it rather extensively with lots of detail and
perhaps most importantly, "Black Backing" all of the parts to make the
color seem darker and less transparent. It does worlds to improve the look
of the Hygog (particularly painting the monstrously large shoulder-armors
black underneath). I'll certainly admit that leaving the Hygog unpainted
is a bad idea, but so is it with the Kamfper as well.

> The Rick Dom II, on the other hand, may be the best model in the series.
> It's the quintessential Dom, by which all others will be measured. The

  The Rick Dom II is simply put the greatest Dom model ever. I challenge
the MG kit to be half as cool as this kit!

> colors are just right, although painting the purple parts matte black make
> it more realistic, if less true to the source. I didn't particular care
> for the Dom before I got this model, but I've come to appreciate Old

  Yeah, me too! When I first heard it was purple and blue I thought
"Bleah, got to completely repaint that". When I got it and assembled it I
was shocked at how cool it looked!

> The flamingo-pink Gelgoog-J, as others have noted, seems to be the bottom

  It really stinks.
  But I repainted mine olive-drab and Kakhi in Gelgoog-FS style and now it
looks tremendously cool!

> of the totem pole, but that's only because they have such reverence for the
> anime Kampfer that they overlook the faults of the model. They are helped
> in this by the neat-o factor of the model's many gimmicks: two bazookas,
> two shotguns, two panzer fausts and the 12-piece chain mine. But the

  You've got to admit that this butt-kicking robot is LOADED FOR BEAR! Mhu
ha ha ha ha!

> Kampfer itself is awful. It's the wrong color, the head has zero mobility
> and the legs are awkward -- a real disappointment for someone like me, who
> lacks the skill to fix it all.

   The head, I'll wager, isn't really supposed to be that mobile
(Actually, I can't say I've ever seen a Jion mech turn its head around!).
As for color, yes, the Kampfer desperately requires a darker paint
scheme... it's the only mech in the series that is just given a bizzare
torquoise plastic. The other major problem with the kit (apart from its
somewhat dissappointing simplicity and paucity of detail) is that it has
HUGE feet which make it look kind of goony! Still, with some royal-blue
paint and alot of yellow for the thruster cones it can be a real mean
killin' machine on your desk!

> The Space Type GM seems to be a step back up, but that's only because they
> just recycled the Colony Type GM, adding extra nozzles to the backpack and
> replacing the machinegun with a beam spray gun. The colors are hideous,
> greenish white and orange-red. They took a great model and made a mess of it.

  Yeah, I had to completely repaint mine from the ground up. The colors it
comes in are disgusting.
  The differences from the ground-type GM aren't really extensive or cool
enough to really merit getting this kit unless (like me!) You really like

> It's hard to hurt a design as good as the Gundam NT-1, especially when it
> has a gimmick like the blow-off Chobham armor, but bringing it out last,
> when they'd already dropped the quality of the line, they cut some corners
> that really hurt it. Stickers for the eyes, when the GM has a clear green

   My biggest beef with this kit, apart from the somewhat cheaper-feeling
shock white plastic it came in, was the fact that the head was a simple
two-piece design that made it almost impossible to paint in the eyes or
any other facial details! Augh!


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