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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Sat, 9 Jan 1999 23:19:43 -0700 (MST)

> > Still, I'm surprised we didn't see heavy space-fighter versus Zaku
> And, you had many of the "MS is a toy, only battleships will win
> war" Admirals that were a problem in WW II, that thought that only the

  That's certainly true, though I think alot of these admirals got
themselves killed by Zakus in the opening week of the 1YW!

> Also, space fighters aren't cool enough for kids to buy model kits.

  You'd think that, wouldn't you?
  Except that the guys at Bandai made models of not JUST the WB and the
Salamis and the Magellan and all the Zion ships, but of some of the
dorkiest transport aircraft and shuttle-ships I'd ever seen! Plus they DID
make a model of that ugly red Zion Space-fighter (I forget the name), the
Ball, and at least a little teeny model of the "Dopp" (Whatever that
freaky Zion atmospheric fighter is called).
  So it kinda surprises me that we didn't get a Saberfish model or a
little more air-to-air combat between fighters in Gundam. After all, they
did make alot of Core-Fighter type models, why not have some "Gundam Core
fighters versus Zion Dopp!" combats?

> > It's kind of unfair to the Fed, but the Fed are seemingly always
> >fighting small numbers of customized, high-priced elite mecha with
> >mass-produced mecha. But the point is that as the Fed they've got to
> >LOTS of mecha to protect all fronts and civil-defense, etc.... while
> Also, the Federation has to pay for all the MS out there.....four
> GMs or Jegans are cheaper to supply than two or three higher performance

  That's what I mean... The Feds always get laughed at but they always
have a much harder job to do than the Spacenoids. At most the Spacenoids
have to defend a few (or even just one) Colony cylinder when the Feds have
to protect all the _rest_ of the colonies, the moon, the 'roids, and the
vast area around Earth! That takes alot of MS, and you simply can't afford
a really expensive customized one!

> MS. As well, what would a bunch of semi-incompetent pilots do with
> them? And, if they rebel, you have the high performace MS in firm
> command.

  That's true... but I think Fed pilots get a bad rap too that they don't
deserve. They're probably 99% green recruits who're only in it for the
college scholarships or something and who've never ever been in anything
remotely like real combat except in video-game simulators. And they always
end up fighting typical anime-villian hardened fanatical veterans in
souped up hypermecha in civilian areas where they couldn't let loose even
if they wanted to! What do you expect them to do?

> >mobile suits. The Federation ultimately produced _thousands_ of GMs and
> And, they had the five committed carriers. Ships that could stay
> with the battle line, and fight in an engagment, and wern't as vunerable
> to damage as the converted transport hulls. If the war lasted longer,
> there would be at least a dozen more carriers.

  If the war lasted longer, they would have _desperately_ needed more
carriers! It still surprises me that in Zeta they don't just start
cranking out Pegasus ships... (though without the wartime economy, it is
clear that they simply couldn't afford it). I also suspect that the
Pegasus carriers with their advanced technology were much more expensive
than the regular Fed ships.
  One wonders what would have happened to those haphazardly maintained,
transport-carried thousands of GMs if the war had stretched on a couple
more months. The Feds could have seen hundreds of their finest warmachines
malfunctioning due to improper maintenance and servicing!

> >superior soldier mobile suit. The Federal Forces proper just have
> >hundreds or thousands of 30-year-old Jamesguns and Javelins.
> Recheck your specs, Mark. The Jamesgun and the Javelin have more
> thrusters, are lighter, and have better thrust to weight ratio than the
> Tomliatt and Zolo MS. We can't compare weapons/armor performace without

  Cool! really? Wow!
  On the other hand, the Jamesgun has a wimpy looking "Beam Pistol"
compared to the Tomriot's beam rifle with grenade launcher and atmospheric
transformation "Helicopter" mode, plus a double pack of missiles and a
beam sword/axe! In space, the Javelin equipped with a "Beam SMG" and those
goofy shot-lancer weapons had to fight the Zoloat, equipped with a big
beam rifle, double beam cannons, beam-string launchers, etc. It seems like
what the Zanscar lacked in thrusters they made up in force with brute

> the Zanscarl had were more experienced pilots(they had fought against
> colonies and the League Militare), the military will to commit their
> units, and a political backing the Federation didn't have. Even if a

  That's right...
  Not just that, but fanatical devotion to Maria Pia Ammonia, their
figurehead leader! They also had state-of-the-art modern MS technology,
though as usual it never made it to the front lines.

> "few" GunEz and V-Gundams are committed to the Federation, and given to
> front-line units, the Federation has better MS than the ones replaced.
> If the Federation is smart, they'd build more GunEzs and replace the
> Jamesgun and Javelin.

  Well, yes... but the GunEZ was apparently designed as a stand-in or a
test-type for the V-Gundam which is the _real_ Mass-production model. It's
sort of ironic, but in VG it's the _GM_ that gives birth to the Gundam!
Cool, eh?
  Well, my point is that I think the GunEZ was never supposed to be a
mass-production GM model, just a stand in for the Gundam until the VG
itself could be mass-produced. And a fine MS that was!

  I don't know what the 'purpose' of the V2 was of course, (Not like it
needs one, it just kicks butt!)


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