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Jonathan Souza (
Sat, 09 Jan 1999 20:25:02 -0800

Back to the irons!

Prabal(Protoss Probe to Pluto) Nandy writes-
>> for targeting(like radar) automated point defense is limited. The
>> Federation builds battleships still, because they had the facilities
>> to-and not the ability to build Mobile Suits.

> Right, better something than nothing.
> Still, I'm surprised we didn't see heavy space-fighter versus Zaku
>combat in Gundam...

    And, you had many of the "MS is a toy, only battleships will win the
war" Admirals that were a problem in WW II, that thought that only the
big guns would win the war and the carrier was a useless toy at best.

    Also, space fighters aren't cool enough for kids to buy model kits.

>> concept. In addiition, the new Jegan MS gives the Federation the
>> true equal soldier MS to Neo-Zeon Axis MS.

> It's kind of unfair to the Fed, but the Fed are seemingly always
>fighting small numbers of customized, high-priced elite mecha with
>mass-produced mecha. But the point is that as the Fed they've got to
>LOTS of mecha to protect all fronts and civil-defense, etc.... while
>Neo-Zions (or whatever) just need enough mecha to make 'lightning

    Also, the Federation has to pay for all the MS out there.....four
GMs or Jegans are cheaper to supply than two or three higher performance
MS. As well, what would a bunch of semi-incompetent pilots do with
them? And, if they rebel, you have the high performace MS in firm

Mark(MS-Mobile Suit or Marge Simpson?) Simmons writes-

> The Pegasus class only carries six mobile suits, and only five such
>ships entered battle during the war - for a total Pegasus capacity of
>mobile suits. The Federation ultimately produced _thousands_ of GMs and

>Balls, transported in converted transport ships or just strapped to
>battleship hulls. They had no shortage of mobile suits, but rather a
>fleet that wasn't designed to carry them.

    And, they had the five committed carriers. Ships that could stay
with the battle line, and fight in an engagment, and wern't as vunerable
to damage as the converted transport hulls. If the war lasted longer,
there would be at least a dozen more carriers.

> Though the LM do eventually make a number of V Gundams and a few dozen

>GunEZs, that hardly counts as giving the Federal Forces in general a
>superior soldier mobile suit. The Federal Forces proper just have
>hundreds or thousands of 30-year-old Jamesguns and Javelins.

    Recheck your specs, Mark. The Jamesgun and the Javelin have more
thrusters, are lighter, and have better thrust to weight ratio than the
Tomliatt and Zolo MS. We can't compare weapons/armor performace without
some more details of how the weapons work against each armor type. What
the Zanscarl had were more experienced pilots(they had fought against
colonies and the League Militare), the military will to commit their
units, and a political backing the Federation didn't have. Even if a
"few" GunEz and V-Gundams are committed to the Federation, and given to
front-line units, the Federation has better MS than the ones replaced.

    If the Federation is smart, they'd build more GunEzs and replace the
Jamesgun and Javelin.


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