Re: The Logic of Warships in Gundam

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Sat, 9 Jan 1999 20:58:11 -0700 (MST)

> > I thought Beam Weapons really didn't appear until they were 'discovered'
> >by Proffessor M some time after he developed the M-Engine and the Zakus? A

> UC 0070: Minovsky [jamming] effect confirmed (Zeon).
> Mega particle cannon developed (Zeon).
> UC 0071: Compact fusion reactor completed (Zeon).
> Zeon begins developing new weapons for Minovsky era.
> UC 0072: Minovsky defects.
> Minovsky brought with him the compact reactor & mega particle cannon
> technology developed by Zeon. This was before the Zeon mobile suit

  You know, I could have sworn I remember hearing that Prof. M defected
with the Beam Weapon technology, and that was the reason why Feds had
compact beam rifles months before the Zions could produce 'em. Grrr! But
of course, the Zions had beam weapons on their spaceships and Amphibious
MS from the beginning so I guess that doesn't make sense... Thanks for the

> project began in earnest. The Federation refitted its ships with mega
> particle cannons - that's why their fire is ineffectual against the Big

   I guess there are some situations (I-field) where they probably wish
they had space equivalents of 16-inch battleship guns!

> Zam - and Monovsky subsequently helped the Federation develop the E-cap
> technology that made it possible for mobile suits to be outfitted with
> these weapons. All clear?

  Ah, I see now. Thanks!
  So the main problem that the Zions had in the 1YW was that they didn't
have the ECAP, eh? Did the Gelgoog have ECAP then for its rifle? (I guess
it would have had to).

> > Still, I'm surprised we didn't see heavy space-fighter versus Zaku
> I guess it was deemed insufficiently dramatic. As per Giren's Greed,

  GRIN. I think it would have been neat... super-fast fighters buzzing
Zaks mosquito-like with machine-cannon fire while the Zaks spin around
crazily (AMBAC!) launching canisters of grapeshot from their Cracker
grenades and grenade launchers!

> the Federation's principal counter to the Zaku at the start of the war
> were space fighters like the Saberfish.

  Which probably didn't have the firepower to reliably take down the
heavily armored (for that time) Zakus!

> > Hey, what did the Feds use as 'carriers' for their Ball-fighters?
> Columbus-class transports. As per the old MSV books, these were even
> refitted as carriers for space fighters. Up until the development of the

  Wow! Those ships sure were flexible eh? That isn't the ship that Captain
Shiro is riding on in the beginning of 8MST is it?

> The Pegasus class only carries six mobile suits, and only five such
> ships entered battle during the war - for a total Pegasus capacity of 30

  That's pretty pathetic! Hardly enough to even qualify as a "Rapid Strike
Commando team"!

> mobile suits. The Federation ultimately produced _thousands_ of GMs and
> Balls, transported in converted transport ships or just strapped to
> battleship hulls. They had no shortage of mobile suits, but rather a
> fleet that wasn't designed to carry them.

   Just like the way Japan ended up strapping flight decks to all sorts of
cruisers and battleships. At least with MS you could land them back on the
ship! I guess they said to the GM pilots: "Make sure you capture A Bau Aku
before you run out of fuel, because there's no way you're going to refuel
on my Columbus Transport!"

> Though the LM do eventually make a number of V Gundams and a few dozen
> GunEZs, that hardly counts as giving the Federal Forces in general a
> superior soldier mobile suit. The Federal Forces proper just have
> hundreds or thousands of 30-year-old Jamesguns and Javelins.

  That's right... at best the V-Gundams could operate in the same way that
the GM-Sniper operated in the 1YW, though it seems pretty much like the LM
operated like an independant militia than as a strict element of the
Federal forces!

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