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Jim Huang (tyhuang@OCF.Berkeley.EDU)
Sat, 9 Jan 1999 19:36:48 -0800

Opps, I through I wasn't senting it to the ML. Sorry.

On 9 Jan 99, at 15:50, Mark Nguyen wrote:
> >> forward to
> >Quess!! QUESS!??? And here I thought she was universally hated! huh!

And here I thought she was universally loved! hurh!
> That's right. How else do you expect to scare away smappers?
I had realized long times ago that Quess is "misunderstood" by
many people. But it's still amaze me to see some people can't grasp
idea, that there are people like me, who love Quess Paraya for what
she is. I think I said this on this ML before, a few years ago, so I
am repeating it "The way I see it, it's not enough for kids to say "The
world is all messed up because of adults like you". Quess and
Hathaway represent two possibile choice for kids to adress the
wrong they see. Quess does her part by helping the adult who is
doing the right thing. Hathaway does his part by growing up to be
the adult who tries to make things right.

When I last stated that on this ML(1996, I think), people ask me "Are
you serious." Since I got a feeling it's coming again, I will repeat
my answer again "As serious as I take anything on this ML."

Jim Huang
President, Quess Paraya Fan Club
High Preist of Church of Quess Paraya

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