Re: Gundam, Best Kits

Mark Kuettner (
Sat, 09 Jan 1999 17:09:52 PST

>> If you're looking for the best, your best bet is to go with the
>> Master Grade kits. As far as 1/144 scale, try the 0800 line or the
>> 8th team kits. The 1/144 V kits have a special place in my heart
>> though *swoon*
>> Mark Kai

>One problem with the 0080 Gelgoog. The Ball and socket joints at the
>hips don't fit quite right. I had trouble wit one, and was never able
>get it to stay together.
I have never actually made a 0080 myself, but they always draw
positive response on this list among modelers. I have heard, though,
the Gelgoog not being the best of the bunch, so you have a point...

Mark Kai

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