Re: It's Official! Gundam 0079

Mark Simmons (
Sat, 9 Jan 1999 16:59:23 -0800

Dafydd writes,

>The Viz Comics translation will run 32 pages per issue, so the 8-issue
>series is just barely long enough to cover Volume 1 of the manga.

  Actually, it'll run just a little past that - they figured they'd at
least give you the death of Garma in the first series. :-)

>We can therefore expect four more Viz Comics runs, one for each of the five
>volumes. If the second run picks up in November 1999, we can expect the
>full translation to take at least 40 months and run until August 2002. If
>they do one volume per year, it'll run through AD 2003.
>Unless, of course, Kondo gets back to work and *finishes* the manga, which
>may then run another volume or three, well into AD 2005....

  Kondoh's grinding away, slowly but surely. Volume six just came out,
and I highly recommend it for amphibious mobile suit buffs. Hopefully
he'll keep cranking them out frequently enough that the Viz version will
never quite overtake him. But yeah, this is going to be a long-term
thing; then again, just think how long Viz has been working on the Ranma

Eddie writes,

>I see... Viz is pulling that Eva manga DILUTION again... break up a volume
>into a dozen or so... MO' MONEY MO' MONEY! Gotta applaud those guys who
>translated the Star Wars manga for not pulling that dilution crap on

  Charming as ever. :-)

-- Mark

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