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Probe writes,

> Hey, Russian design philosophies!
> Seriously now... after the MSG-era, do _Battleships_ ever play a serious
>role in Gundam again? I can't think of any time when fire from a
>Battleship ever had much effect in a Gundam story.

  After the One Year War, battleships become pretty much just flagships;
you don't really see them making up a large fraction of the fleet until V
Gundam and the Zanscare Empire's Amalthea-class battleship. In contrast,
the Magellan class made up about a fifth of the Federation fleet during
most of the One Year War. After the war, it looks like the Feds just
stopped making them.

> Do those two really 'count', i.e., can they be maintained and serviced
>in that location or are they just in a 'ready to launch' position?

  Yep, they count. The Ahgama's two "upstairs" dollies are fixed in
position, rather than being movable platforms for shuttling mobile suits
to and fro.

> Though the Alexandria-type cruiser we see in 0083 doesn't carry any,
>right? (I may be getting some names confused again.)

  The ship in 0083, the Birmingham, is actually a downsized Dogos Gear -
it's just 400 meters, versus the 600+ of the Titans flagship. And, yes,
it carries no mobile suits. Remember, much of 0083 is predicated on the
notion that the Federal Forces are idiots. ;-)

> I guess they were just crammed in Cargo holds then? Then they really
>didn't have any hangars or 'resupply' areas where they could be serviced?
>That's like flying F/A-18s off of supertankers! Sure you can do it...

  Supposedly, the carrier Columbus has some modifications for supplying
and servicing mobile suits, but they're mostly intended just for bringing
mobile suits to the battlefield - not for extended missions involving
multiple sorties. The best analogy would be amphibious landing craft for
infantry, with the thousands of Columbus-carried GMs and Balls in
Operation Star One performing the space equivalent of the D-Day landing
at Normandy (including the high casualty count). "Saving Ensign Shin,"

> How many GD-Ss might there have been? It sounds like there were a couple
>of squads of GDs with at least 10 or so commanders in charge... right?

  You'd probably have one squadron commander for every 9-12 Gira Dogas,
so there's be no more than ten such commander mobile suits.

-- Mark

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