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Probe writes,

> I thought Beam Weapons really didn't appear until they were 'discovered'
>by Proffessor M some time after he developed the M-Engine and the Zakus? A
>matter of fact, weren't Beam Weapons the technology he defected to the Fed
>with? Hence it seems to me that beam weapons first appeared just before
>the 1YW, certainly doesn't seem like enough time to retrofit them to the
>Fed navy!

  Back to Gundam school, Probe! Let's recap..

  UC 0070: Minovsky [jamming] effect confirmed (Zeon).
           Mega particle cannon developed (Zeon).

  UC 0071: Compact fusion reactor completed (Zeon).
           Zeon begins developing new weapons for Minovsky era.

  UC 0072: Minovsky defects.

  UC 0073: Mobile suit development begins (Zeon).

  Minovsky brought with him the compact reactor & mega particle cannon
technology developed by Zeon. This was before the Zeon mobile suit
project began in earnest. The Federation refitted its ships with mega
particle cannons - that's why their fire is ineffectual against the Big
Zam - and Monovsky subsequently helped the Federation develop the E-cap
technology that made it possible for mobile suits to be outfitted with
these weapons. All clear?

> Still, I'm surprised we didn't see heavy space-fighter versus Zaku
>combat in Gundam...

  I guess it was deemed insufficiently dramatic. As per Giren's Greed,
the Federation's principal counter to the Zaku at the start of the war
were space fighters like the Saberfish.

> Hey, what did the Feds use as 'carriers' for their Ball-fighters?

  Columbus-class transports. As per the old MSV books, these were even
refitted as carriers for space fighters. Up until the development of the
Pegasus, the Federation apparently had no carrier ships of any kind - I
think most fighters were stationed at colonies as a defensive garrison.

Jon Souza writes,

On Jan 9, 1999, Jonathan Souza writes:

> This goes out the window when the G-series(Gundam/GM/G-Cannon) are
>built. Unlike the Zeon forces, the Federation builds dedicated
>MS-carriers(the White Base Class), because they didn't have enough MS to
>equip every ship with it. The dedicated White Base/MS series gave them
>larger MS densities and with a superior Federation batleship line, the
>mixed fleet gave the Federation victory.

  The Pegasus class only carries six mobile suits, and only five such
ships entered battle during the war - for a total Pegasus capacity of 30
mobile suits. The Federation ultimately produced _thousands_ of GMs and
Balls, transported in converted transport ships or just strapped to
battleship hulls. They had no shortage of mobile suits, but rather a
fleet that wasn't designed to carry them.

>CCA-The Federation signs on, with London Bell, to use the MS-carrier

  The Crap class is just an update of the Salamis Kai, with essentially
the same mobile suit capacity.

>F91-V Gundam-Almost every warship has Minovski Craft. Even the 50-year
>old warships of London Bell have the ability to take off and land from
>Earth under their own power. The introduction of the V-Gundam as
>soldier suit of the Federation(through League Militare), gives the
>Federation a soldier MS superior to the Zanscarl Empire MS.

  Though the LM do eventually make a number of V Gundams and a few dozen
GunEZs, that hardly counts as giving the Federal Forces in general a
superior soldier mobile suit. The Federal Forces proper just have
hundreds or thousands of 30-year-old Jamesguns and Javelins.

-- Mark

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