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> >> build hundreds of postwar Salamis cruisers with upgrades on every front,
> >> while still omitting mobile suit capacity, is kinda weird - but they made
> >> them two-thirds the size that the Salamis is in other series.
> >
> > Maybe they should have called them "Bratworsts" instead of Salamis!
> "Salamis" is NOT the plural of "salami"!
> Sal·a·mis (sal'-[shwa]-mus) is an island of Greece in the Saronic Gulf east
> of Athens. On 9 September 480 BC, the Greek city of Athens was besieged
> and burned by the Persians, but the Athenians, under general Themistocles
> and Aristides, who had recently been recalled from exile, defeated the
> Persian fleet in an important naval battle in the Bay of Salamis, off the
> island's northeast coast. The Persian army retired to winter in Thessaly.
> The Greek naval victory at the Battle of Salamis halted the advance of King
> Xerxes I of Persia. By some accounts, Athenian general Themistocles sent a
> secret message to Xerxes, saying that his Athenian navy would turn against
> Greece if the Persians attacked. Xerxes, perhaps fooled by this ploy,
> attacked with his fleet of about 1200 ships. The Greek fleet of about 400
> ships drew the Persian ships into the crowded strait before attacking. The
> battle was a decisive victory for the outnumbered Greeks.
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What a refreshing sight. Someone who does research into the names.

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