Re: The Logic of Warships in Gundam

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Sat, 9 Jan 1999 15:55:56 -0700 (MST)

> PRE-ONE YEAR WAR-This is the era of the Big Gun warship, as only large
> ships can carry beam weapons. While there were space fighters, they
> were considered suppliments to the gun battleline of the fleet.

  I thought Beam Weapons really didn't appear until they were 'discovered'
by Proffessor M some time after he developed the M-Engine and the Zakus? A
matter of fact, weren't Beam Weapons the technology he defected to the Fed
with? Hence it seems to me that beam weapons first appeared just before
the 1YW, certainly doesn't seem like enough time to retrofit them to the
Fed navy!

> ONE YEAR WAR-Zeon throws this all off with the the Zaku. Now, the
> Mobile Suit threatens warships, and without an effective guidance system

  Especially with their Nuke-Zooks!

> for targeting(like radar) automated point defense is limited. The
> Federation builds battleships still, because they had the facilities
> to-and not the ability to build Mobile Suits.

  Right, better something than nothing.
  Still, I'm surprised we didn't see heavy space-fighter versus Zaku
combat in Gundam...
  Hey, what did the Feds use as 'carriers' for their Ball-fighters?

> equip every ship with it. The dedicated White Base/MS series gave them
> larger MS densities and with a superior Federation batleship line, the
> mixed fleet gave the Federation victory.

  Yep... It makes more sense to have a few dedicated carriers with lots of
MS than the half-assed method the Jions used of equipping light cruisers
with just three or four MS.

> 0083-TITANS-The Federation moves to mixed warships, even grafting on
> small MS bays on Salamas-class warships. The Agama-class of the AEUG

  Yep, they buy into the MS-warfare concept whole-heartedly, but they lack
the resources to scrap their old ships and build only lots of carriers,

> shows the superiority of the MS-carrier concept. The introduction of
> Minovski Craft systems in higher prevlance allows even the largest
> warship to take off and land from Earth.

  And probably is what spelled the doom of the 1YW "Ground Battleships"
that the Feds used! Now there's no longer a NEED for them...

> concept. In addiition, the new Jegan MS gives the Federation the first
> true equal soldier MS to Neo-Zeon Axis MS.

  It's kind of unfair to the Fed, but the Fed are seemingly always
fighting small numbers of customized, high-priced elite mecha with cheap,
mass-produced mecha. But the point is that as the Fed they've got to have
LOTS of mecha to protect all fronts and civil-defense, etc.... while the
Neo-Zions (or whatever) just need enough mecha to make 'lightning

> F91-V Gundam-Almost every warship has Minovski Craft. Even the 50-year
> old warships of London Bell have the ability to take off and land from

  London Bell is still around in V-Gundam? Wow!
  Don't forget the Wheeled Monstrousities that the Zanscar used to occupy
Earth with!

> Earth under their own power. The introduction of the V-Gundam as
> soldier suit of the Federation(through League Militare), gives the
> Federation a soldier MS superior to the Zanscarl Empire MS.

  And don't forget that it's the first MS to incorporate M-Craft system
(Discounting the gargantuan PGs).

> THE FUTURE-Depends upon if we can get Tomino to do more. Ships may add
> movable beam barriers on tracks(like the SDF-1's Pinpoint Barrier) to
> defend against attacks. As well, more MS storage may be added.

  We can look to Gaia Gear for some of his ideas I guess, he goes
whole-hog for drones and bits, etc...

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