The Logic of Warships in Gundam

Jonathan Souza (
Sat, 09 Jan 1999 11:41:37 -0800

Here's what I've seen, in my long experience of watching Gundam-

PRE-ONE YEAR WAR-This is the era of the Big Gun warship, as only large
ships can carry beam weapons. While there were space fighters, they
were considered suppliments to the gun battleline of the fleet.

ONE YEAR WAR-Zeon throws this all off with the the Zaku. Now, the
Mobile Suit threatens warships, and without an effective guidance system
for targeting(like radar) automated point defense is limited. The
Federation builds battleships still, because they had the facilities
to-and not the ability to build Mobile Suits.

    This goes out the window when the G-series(Gundam/GM/G-Cannon) are
built. Unlike the Zeon forces, the Federation builds dedicated
MS-carriers(the White Base Class), because they didn't have enough MS to
equip every ship with it. The dedicated White Base/MS series gave them
larger MS densities and with a superior Federation batleship line, the
mixed fleet gave the Federation victory.

0083-TITANS-The Federation moves to mixed warships, even grafting on
small MS bays on Salamas-class warships. The Agama-class of the AEUG
shows the superiority of the MS-carrier concept. The introduction of
Minovski Craft systems in higher prevlance allows even the largest
warship to take off and land from Earth.

CCA-The Federation signs on, with London Bell, to use the MS-carrier
concept. In addiition, the new Jegan MS gives the Federation the first
true equal soldier MS to Neo-Zeon Axis MS.

F91-V Gundam-Almost every warship has Minovski Craft. Even the 50-year
old warships of London Bell have the ability to take off and land from
Earth under their own power. The introduction of the V-Gundam as
soldier suit of the Federation(through League Militare), gives the
Federation a soldier MS superior to the Zanscarl Empire MS.

THE FUTURE-Depends upon if we can get Tomino to do more. Ships may add
movable beam barriers on tracks(like the SDF-1's Pinpoint Barrier) to
defend against attacks. As well, more MS storage may be added.



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