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Mark Nguyen (
Sat, 09 Jan 1999 09:42:33 PST

> Maybe they should have called them "Bratworsts" instead of Salamis!
> At any rate, it seems utterly ridiculous and totally at odds with the
>way the Fed are portrayed in Gundam MSG. I mean, they don't do
>random military spending, they've always seemed cash-strapped to me!
>Building hundreds of Battleships after the war makes about as much
>as the US building twenty more Iowa-Class battleships in 1946!

Perhapss they got it out of Jion in war reparations, rendering Side-3
uterly destitue and poor - oops, wrong century...

> Hey, Russian design philosophies!
> Seriously now... after the MSG-era, do _Battleships_ ever play a
>role in Gundam again? I can't think of any time when fire from a
>Battleship ever had much effect in a Gundam story.

The Neo-Jion ace pilot (in the blue Geara Doga) was popped by Chien's
psycho-frame-augmented gun turret...

>> The Ahgama carries eight mobile suits - six downstairs, and two more
>> upstairs next to the elevators and catapult connectors - which is
quite a
> Do those two really 'count', i.e., can they be maintained and
>in that location or are they just in a 'ready to launch' position?

It's storage space. They could always be swapped with MS downstairs for
repairs or whatnot. I guesss it's akin to an aircraft carrier, which has
some of its aircraft on deck to be able to more easily do stuff in the

>> lot for a ship that size. 'Course, the Alexandria-class cruiser used
>> the Titans does carry ten...
> Though the Alexandria-type cruiser we see in 0083 doesn't carry any,
>right? (I may be getting some names confused again.)

THe only Alexantria-class cruiser we saw was at the end of episode #13,
the ship the Albion bridge crew got transferred to. It was under
construction at the time, so it follows that it may not ave a full MS
complement yet (unless the 4th platoon got transferred to it as well,
and as such it was equipped with GM-Q MS).


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