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At 15:12 1/8/99 -0700, you wrote:
>> What will the consequences be? less of an impact than expected?
>> (since parts of the colony just "blew up")
> I think it would be worse, alot more debris will be ejected over a
>larger area, higher into the atmosphere...

        So, lesser crater, but greater atmospheric pollution? hmm..

>> I think that if the object comes in too fast there will be a chance
>> that it will simply bounce off the denser atmosphere... *boink!* =P
> It's a question of both speed and whether it's coming in at a 'grazing
>angle' or not, you know?

        Actually, I don't. =) but yeah, it'll depend on both speed and
angel, so actually what I meant was (as from .. Probe's, I think, earlier
mail) that Zion probably slowed the colony to a "decaying low orbit" so that
the chances of a atmosphere skip (for the lack of a better term) is lessened
or even eliminated.

        Might have been a bit sad if, after all that hard work of gassing
the inhabitants and getting the colony all the way to earth orbit, the
colony simply skip off the atmosphere and sail towards the sun, don't you think?

        (though, in all fairness, the mass and bulk of the colony probably
means it'll fall straight in. )

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