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>Okay. I bought this book"Gundam Crossover Notebook I" over the break and it
>is full of MS design and comic from Kazuhisa Kondo.
>Okay, in this comic/read model story "Operation Buran" I notice many designs
>I never seen before.. yes I know he designs his own MSs... What confused is
>on one of the drawing he did for 0080, he has the same MS in it. I don't
> this suppose to be another veersion of Kampfer?

No. All of the Zion MS in Operation Buran are original designs.

>I has two "ears" thing on his head. It's body is kind of like Kampfer, but
>it has skirt that looks a lot like the Zaku's. Oh well, the capation udne
>rthe picture mentioned MS-18E, so I guess this is his version of Kampfer..
>can someone tell me what is going on?

The placement of that painting, which was done 12 October 1988, a good six
months before his Gudam 0080 material, was purely coincidental. Kondoh's
interpretation of the Kampfer appears on the facing page (47) and a couple
of two-page spreads (40-41 & 52-53), where it conforms to the familiar
Kampfer design, albeit with additional Kondoh details like the "Zieck
Zion!" grafitti.


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