Will The Ships Hit The Fans ?(Was: Gundam Fleet Composition Examples [and models])

Fri, 08 Jan 1999 19:59:17 -0800

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>How come the only models avaliable of the battleships are the original low
>quality (in today's standard) injection kits of White Base, Salamis,
>Magellan, Musai, Gwazine and Gaw (if that can be considered a battleship)?
>Even the tremendously important White Base had only 2 releases (1/1200 and
>1/2400). I would be very interested in getting some higher quality kits
>for the One Year War, as well as all the new fancy ships in the subsequent
>animes. Some of the White Base decendents are especially attractive.
>Seeing that the Bandai marketing team is not here, I guess this question
>is directed at the customers. Especially for those of you who is welling
>to buy three variants of MkII, aren't you interested in the ships?

I'd love to see the MSC-07 Albion or one of the retconned Pegasus-class
ships from Gundam 0080.

But then I'd also like to see thee 1/80,000 (40cm) model of Green Noah 1
(Side 7) that appeared in MJ Material 6: Z Gundam Character Design Figure &
Scene Collection (1985.8.10, Bandai, Stock Number 0543-65-5362). It'd look
great next to the Revell model of Babylon 5...


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