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On Jan 8, 4:48pm, Mark Kuettner wasted bandwidth discussing:
> Subject: Future excuse
> > Hell, a _car_ won't even work if you don't maintain or drive it for
> 15
> >years! How can you expect something as complex as a MS to still work?
> I chalk this up to a dramatic explanation called..."Future excuse!"
> Basically, there is some sort of technology in the UC time that is
> standard in MS that digitally maintains the frame of the
> does as much auto-maintenance as possible short of physical refurbish-
> ing of equipment by maintenance crews. By that UC time, self upkeep
> and upgrading should be standard? I mean, if that WebTV can upgrade
> itself.....

Nanites? Weldless, self-repairing mobile suits. One-piece, basically.
Now *that* would be convenient.


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