Future excuse

Mark Kuettner (mkuett@hotmail.com)
Fri, 08 Jan 1999 16:48:12 PST

> Hell, a _car_ won't even work if you don't maintain or drive it for
>years! How can you expect something as complex as a MS to still work?

I chalk this up to a dramatic explanation called..."Future excuse!"
Basically, there is some sort of technology in the UC time that is
standard in MS that digitally maintains the frame of the Mecha...it
does as much auto-maintenance as possible short of physical refurbish-
ing of equipment by maintenance crews. By that UC time, self upkeep
and upgrading should be standard? I mean, if that WebTV can upgrade

> The Earth of V-Gundam should have had temperatures hovering between
>and -30 F even in the Summer, with snow everywhere and probably large
>parts of Asia and North America completely uninhabitable. Most animals
>would be dead or dying, and very narrow 'green-belts' (in the American
>Mohave Desert and in Iran/Iraq and China) would be the only major
>of food left. A pretty dismal place, closer to the Earth of "Jovian
>Chronicles" than the happy-fun-clean-and-green wonderland of V-Gundam's
> -Probe

Again,"Future excuse!" Atmospheric and weather control satelittes
have become so advanced that these effects are controlled... kinda
talks the fun out of a colony drop though, doesn't it Char?

*Char shoots that classic evil look*

Mark Kai

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