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>Hmm, a slight twist to the topic if you don't mind?
>How come the only models avaliable of the battleships are the original low
>quality (in today's standard) injection kits of White Base, Salamis,
>Magellan, Musai, Gwazine and Gaw (if that can be considered a battleship)?

The only other ship kit produced was the Aghama from Zeta Gundam, in 1/2200
scale. Obviously these ship kits appeal to less people, so I figured that
Bandai decided it wasn't worth their time when sequels started coming out.
You will note their market-directed release trend:

Series MS MA* Ships Characters Hero MS/MA Enemy MS/MA
0079 All All All 10 All All
MSV Some 0 0 0 Most Most
Zeta Most 1 1 0 Most/All? Most, no "O"!
ZZ Most 0 0 0 Most Most
0080 Most 0 0 0 Missing 2 All
CCA Most 1 0 0 All Most, no RecZak
0083 50%+ 0 0 0 Missing 3+ Missing a LOT
F91 Most 0 0 0 All Missing 1+
V 75%+ 0 0 0 Missing 1+ Missing some
G 50%- 0 0 0 Most Missing 90%+!!
W 75%-? 0 0 0 ~60% 50%-!!!
08thMST 75%-? 0 0 0 75%-? 50%-?
X 75%-? 0 0 0 All 75%-?
EW 75%+? 0 0 0 All 75%-?

* Note: MS that transforms to MA was not included.

As you can see, with the initial Gundamania, Bandai made kits for just about
everything from the original MSG show. The only thing I can think of that
are missing are the sorry Federation crafts like Saber Fish, dual rocket
launchers, etc. On the Zion Side, almost everything's there except for a
Topp kit. The proposed cylindrical colony was also never released. 10
characters also got lucky enough to get their own plastic kits, an honor no
character since then could achieve.

There are some MSV designs that were never made into kits, but then again,
I believe some MSV designs did not surface until Bandai was practically done
with the MSV series of kits. Some would argue that the Perfect Ziong is a
MA, but since it was designated MSN-02, it's obvious that it is a MS class
craft. No ships were made for MSV but I am not aware of any ship designs
either, unless you count the weird Zaku-operated cannon platform.

With Zeta Gundam, Bandai cooled down on the ships and produced none other than
a small-scale Agahma. Other than transformable MS, no MA kit was made, other
than the G-Defensor. If you want to be really anal, throw in the Psycho
Gundam series since they're so huge compared to regular MS. MS-wise, the
biggest sin committed by Bandai was the lack of a "The-O" kit, which pissed
fans off to no end, and was a signal for the release patterns to come...

By the time we get to ZZ Gundam, no ship kits were made and there were no MAs
unless they transform to MS. Also, for the first time, no 1/60 scale MS kits
were produced at all.

0080 was the first OVA, and Bandai restricted kit releases to a single scale
for the first time. Notably missing were the Arctic GM and the Gun Cannon II.
Since there were no MAs in the show, it made sense that no such kits were
made. However, I do believe some Zion capital ships were slightly touched up,
and no kits were made for these.

CCA was the first original movie produced, and with it came the only 1/100
scale Nu Gundam. All other MSs were made in 1/144 scale, with the sole MA
in the movie made into a transformable 1/550 kit. No kits were made for the
ships though, I guess the Lond Bell wasn't featured enough in the movie.

0083, the 2nd OVA, was the series with the most pathetic line of kits until
Bandai remedied the situation with the MG releases. With excellent designs
for both sides, all Bandai managed to produced were 5 1/144 kits, 4 of which
were Gundams! The 2 MAs never got made, nevermind the Albion carrier.
The cool GM and GM Cannon updates were also not released, not to mention all
the cool Zion suits - the only bad guy suit made was an AE suit?!

0083 suffered because Bandai was committing its resources to F-91 and the 2
series of kits it spawned - F-90 and SF91. Finally another 1/60 kit was made,
but this is a semi-toy and quite pricy too. No ship, no MA kits. I believe
a few Crossbone Vanguard designs also did not get the kit treatment. Some
F-90 and SF91 designs also never made it onto the model shop shelves.

With V Gundam, it was pretty obvious that Bandai wasn't interested in making
enemy MS kits - there were a few obligatory small scale 1/144 kits, but in the
1/100 line all but 1 were Gundam designs, much like the case in 0083. The
"One 1/60 scale hero kit per series" pattern started with Zeta Gundam also

G Gundam was one of the worst offenders of "hero Gundams only" symptom. With
the exception of the Spiegel, Master, and Devil Gundam, there were NO bad guy
MS kits made, and whatever produced were ONLY Gundams! Too bad for the only
non-Gundam from the show. Strangely, this series yielded TWO 1/60 scale
hero Gundam kit - the Shining and the God. I guess Bandai approved the 1/60
Shining too early and realized it was such an ugly design they need to put
out a 1/60 God Gundam to make things right!

With Wing, it's pretty much the same story as V Gundam... 1/60 kit of the
upgraded hero Gundam, some enemy designs in the 1/144 kiddie lineup, and
stick with mostly good guy Gundams and maybe 1 bad guy MS for the 1/100 line.
What sucked this time was that Bandai didn't even bother to do a complete
lineup of the hero Gundams in 1/100 scale, and both H-Arms & Sandrock Gundams
did not get made.

The 08th MS Team follows the OVA release pattern and is kind of middle-of-
the-road between 0080 and 0083. They did not release a majority of the
designs from the series, but the selection is not woefully pathetic like 0083
either. Notably missing is the MS-06RD4 and the Asparas MA line, plus the
hovertank. A release of the Zaku II by itself was kind of unneccessary
since people who really wanted it already bought the original 2-pack. The
series was kinda dead until Bandai really get people excited with 2 Gouf
variant kits recently.

X was basically a continuation of the pattern from V, G, and Wing. Pay lip
service to bad guy MS in 1/144 scale (this time, we'll go even lower to LMs!!)
and just the main bad guys in 1/100, cos we're reserving that line to Good Guy
Gundams! No 1/60 kit was made from this TV series, due to poor ratings.
However, Bandai did crank out a similar-sized box of Gundam XX + G Falcon set.

EW seems to be Bandai's answer to Wing fans who complained about the lack of
variety in Wing kits. It is also the first OVA to have more than a single
scale line of kits. Even more strange is that every 1/144 design had a 1/100
counterpart, a pattern not seen in any previous Gundam kit releases. If this
is an indication of Bandai's future release patterns, it'd be bad news for
people who prefer completeness or variety. You used to be able to get that
with 1/144 small scale kits, but not anymore!

>Even the tremendously important White Base had only 2 releases (1/1200 and
>1/2400). I would be very interested in getting some higher quality kits
>for the One Year War, as well as all the new fancy ships in the subsequent
>animes. Some of the White Base decendents are especially attractive.

Ships seem to be a losing proposition. It hasn't been made into a kit
since Zeta's Aghama and it's understandable - you can't really "pose" or
play with a ship. What Bandai needs is a gimmick-packed ship, like a
functional launching catapult, spring-activated launching bay cover/doors,
functional landing gears, retractable and spinning guns/cannons, firing
missiles... all the while without making it look like a cheap toy!

>Seeing that the Bandai marketing team is not here, I guess this question
>is directed at the customers. Especially for those of you who is welling
>to buy three variants of MkII, aren't you interested in the ships?

I would, but with the exception of the Albion and the Aghama, I don't think
there's been a really impressive ship design after the OYW!


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