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>> It's true, that's why I suspected that the Jegan may simply have been
>>really easy to maintain or something and attributed its long service
>>to that. Still, it must have had something going for it, after all,
>>the F-4 first appeared it was a very capable aircraft even though it
>>relegated to support roles by the end of its career.
>Even more prevalent are the modern US fighter craft. The Tomcat (1972),
>Eagle (1975) and Hornet (1978) are all still around in some version or
>other. And at the top of their game, too!

        And until recently, the Intruder, which was in service back in
the 50s! To quote one Intruder pilot:
        "People arrive on this carrier and complain that they have to
fly old airplanes like the Hornet. The Hornet ain't an old airplane.
What I fly is an *old* airplane... " ^_^
        And the DC-3 will likely still be in service, somewhere, for a
few decades yet...

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