Kondo's MS

Felix Wong (wongkin@pilot.msu.edu)
Fri, 8 Jan 1999 16:36:08 -0500

Okay. I bought this book"Gundam Crossover Notebook I" over the break and it
is full of MS design and comic from Kazuhisa Kondo.

Okay, in this comic/read model story "Operation Buran" I notice many designs
I never seen before.. yes I know he designs his own MSs... What confused is
on one of the drawing he did for 0080, he has the same MS in it. I don't
know..is this suppose to be another veersion of Kampfer?

I has two "ears" thing on his head. It's body is kind of like Kampfer, but
it has skirt that looks a lot like the Zaku's. Oh well, the capation udne
rthe picture mentioned MS-18E, so I guess this is his version of Kampfer..
can someone tell me what is going on?

If anyone also read this story, can you tell me what kind of MSs fought the
Gundam in the same story.. They looks like Zaku. The heas remind of Zaku
without cables. Adn the shoulder has upside-down cones instead of spikes.
What model is this and what is the name of it? Thanks

It will be great if someone can fill in the story for me because all I know
is a bunch of MAs and MSs are send to stop the gundam in the battle of


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