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At 23:33 1/7/99 -0700, you wrote:
> What I mean is that the hypersonic shockwave from the 'bow' of the 30-km
>colony as it slams into the Earth will shoot back through the colony and
>may actually cause the 'tail' of the colony itself to explode while it's
>still high in the atmosphere!

        What will the consequences be? less of an impact than expected?
(since parts of the colony just "blew up")

> No, you're thinking of simply 'dropping' an object from a high altitude,
>which is incorrect if it's in an _orbit_. The potential energy of the high
>altitude orbit is dissippated by whatever mechanism (thrusters/nukes/etc)
>is used to slow down the object, effectively reducing its energy and
>gradually dropping its orbit.

        I think that if the object comes in too fast there will be a chance
that it will simply bounce off the denser atmosphere... *boink!* =P

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