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> It's true, that's why I suspected that the Jegan may simply have been
>really easy to maintain or something and attributed its long service
>to that. Still, it must have had something going for it, after all,
>the F-4 first appeared it was a very capable aircraft even though it
>relegated to support roles by the end of its career.

Even more prevalent are the modern US fighter craft. The Tomcat (1972),
Eagle (1975) and Hornet (1978) are all still around in some version or
other. And at the top of their game, too!

Hmm.. I wonder how long MS actually remain *in service* before being
scrapped or replaced, even if only by another one if its kind. It's been
repreatedly shown that MS maintenance is a nightmare; what could the
average "life" of a mobile suit be, even with top mechanics working on

Though it's not particularly relavant or realistic, it's worth pointing
out that most of the MS in Gundam X are more than 15 years old. And they
work fine right out of the box!

> In principle yes, _BUT_ this is a huge cloud of material
>flying out the butt of the colony and being literally _injected_ into
>the stratosphere. The Earth can handle alot of crap in the Troposphere,
>but once it gets beyond the Tropopause it will take centuries to get

Hm... All this theory is changing my opinion that a colony drop wouldn't
have as similar effects as the K/T event rock/comet... In fact, it's
altogether possible that a 30 km cylinder would definiitely keep Earth
resident VERY unhappy for a long time.

> What I want to know is how come there are large intact pieces of
>remaining in Australia, I would have expected the entire thing to have
>been vaporized or pulverized... unless we're looking at big chunks of
>material that were blasted off the rear of the colony by the internal
>shock front....

Or alternatively, big chunks of colony that broke off earlier and plowed
in later... For example, in the 0083 drop you don't see the colony's
solar panels as it passes of Kowen's noggin...

> Well, it depends if you're 'shooting' your colony in (like an
>or 'coasting' it in by placing it into an orbit and then degrading that
>orbit by slowing down your colony.
> Frankly, it probably doesn't make a whole lot of difference. What's
>another 30KPS when you're talking about a tetraton of rock and metal
>screaming through the gravity well?

Good point. And from what we've talked about, it seems that *any* colony
or asteroid drop should have been really unpleasant even as far on as
V-Gundam. Ah, those nutty anime writers...


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