Re: Gundam Fleet Composition Examples

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Thu, 7 Jan 1999 23:33:05 -0700 (MST)

> > I LIKE the Jegan, too bad we don't see it much.
> Yeah. Only two movies... But as the MS with the longest service record
> *ever*, it really should be treated better than as fodder to make the
> Nu, ReGZ and F-91 Gundams look better. A better paint job would help

  I totally agree.
  Considering what its service life becomes, you'd expect it to be a total
kick-butt GM in CCA, which is when it first appears! If it wasn't, well,
why would it have lasted that long? (I guess it's possible it's just
really cheap and easy to maintain).

> > Remember colonies are hollow, that would have a considerable effect
> Aha, but they still would weigh tens of millions of tons. Of refined
> alloy, no less.

  That's not what I'm talking about.
  What I mean is that the hypersonic shockwave from the 'bow' of the 30-km
colony as it slams into the Earth will shoot back through the colony and
may actually cause the 'tail' of the colony itself to explode while it's
still high in the atmosphere!

> > No, I think it boils down to the same thing. Slowing down something
> >high orbit effectively puts it into a "Decaying low orbit".
> A higher orbit would allow for greater acceleration and expenditure of
> potential energy as it hurtles downwards. Thus, it'd hit with greater
> speed and force...

  No, you're thinking of simply 'dropping' an object from a high altitude,
which is incorrect if it's in an _orbit_. The potential energy of the high
altitude orbit is dissippated by whatever mechanism (thrusters/nukes/etc)
is used to slow down the object, effectively reducing its energy and
gradually dropping its orbit.

> >Gundam with all those colonies coming down all over. So Earth should
> >turned into a frozen grey ball of ice, eh?
> Maybe this is the REAL reason there's only two billion people on Earth -
> no one wants to risk having heavy objects dropped on their heads!

  There's probably alot to that!
  Of course, I'd rather be _somewhere_ on Earth than screaming my way TO
Earth in a colony that's dropping down on it!


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