Re: Rust In Space (Was: Gundam Fleet Composition Examples)

Rodrick Su (
Thu, 07 Jan 1999 21:05:11 -0800

At 08:45 PM 1/7/99 -0800, Mark Nguyen wrote:
>>Exposure to vaccuum can have corrosive effects on some materiels, as
>>of their constituent parts boil off. What remains can then react
>>chemically with other remaindered materials that were previously inert.
>Aha. However, what lunatic would make a space colony that would rust in
>a matter of decades?

Which sort of brings back one of the older point I made, O'Neal Island 3
type colony's material is very probably taken directly from captured
astroid. With the same material, and hopefully sturdy designed and
construction, and maintaince, it should be serviceable for many many
hundreds of years, considering the cost of construction.

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