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At 00:39 1/7/99 -0800, you wrote:
>>He draws detailed mecha but his people seemed least his
>>work in Side stories seemed that way...
>>Mark Kai
>I didn't really like his characters in the 0079 manga (8 volume translated?
>What's up? I think it's only released to volume 4 or 5 in Japan and he's
>been taking his sweet time - it's been about 2 or 3 years since the first
>volume came out, and it'll be another 2 or 3 years before we see volume 8!)
>- the man does draw great mecha, but his characters all look 2D and appeared
>more like kid's doodles.

I thought I'd explained this pretty clearly a month or so ago, when it was
first mentioned that Gundam 0079 was being translated. I'll try again.

Each of the five volumes of the manga, which covers the original TV series
in even greater detail than was seen onscreen, runs about 275 to 300 pages.

The Viz Comics translation will run 32 pages per issue, so the 8-issue
series is just barely long enough to cover Volume 1 of the manga.

We can therefore expect four more Viz Comics runs, one for each of the five
volumes. If the second run picks up in November 1999, we can expect the
full translation to take at least 40 months and run until August 2002. If
they do one volume per year, it'll run through AD 2003.

Unless, of course, Kondo gets back to work and *finishes* the manga, which
may then run another volume or three, well into AD 2005....


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