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Mark Nguyen (
Thu, 07 Jan 1999 19:14:31 PST

> I LIKE the Jegan, too bad we don't see it much.

Yeah. Only two movies... But as the MS with the longest service record
*ever*, it really should be treated better than as fodder to make the
Nu, ReGZ and F-91 Gundams look better. A better paint job would help

> But wouldn't the "Brittle Rock" only be in the top few (Dozens) of
>meters of the crust? When a colony comes crashing down it's excavating
>literally mountains of rock and dust and soil!

True. Another factor would be the condition of this underlying rock
after millions of years of cold compression and expansion as it's being
pushed upwards. Think of draopping a fresh egg onto concrete...

>> asteroid impacted at minimal velocity, ie. by "dropping" it out of a
> Remember colonies are hollow, that would have a considerable effect
>the impact.

Aha, but they still would weigh tens of millions of tons. Of refined
alloy, no less.

> No, I think it boils down to the same thing. Slowing down something
in a
>high orbit effectively puts it into a "Decaying low orbit".

A higher orbit would allow for greater acceleration and expenditure of
potential energy as it hurtles downwards. Thus, it'd hit with greater
speed and force...

> This is what Char wanted after all... nuclear winter.
> What's kinda funky is the fact that it hasn't _already_ happened in
>Gundam with all those colonies coming down all over. So Earth should
>turned into a frozen grey ball of ice, eh?

Maybe this is the REAL reason there's only two billion people on Earth -
no one wants to risk having heavy objects dropped on their heads!

> Well, this is a Cartoon we're talking about, give them a break!

Ooh, careful with the "C" word there, boyo. ;)


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