Re: Gundam Fleet Composition Examples

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Thu, 7 Jan 1999 19:20:33 -0700 (MST)

> >That's like flying F/A-18s off of supertankers! Sure you can do it...
> I think it's more analogous to slying Harriers off of bulk cargo ships.

  Yeah, that's a better analogy.

> you could use storage space a lot more efficiently without that annoying
> gravity stuff in the way...

  Certainly true... hell, you could have 'space only' carriers that are
simply engines bolted to gantries and open honecombed structures for MS.

> Tangent: how did the Neue Ahgama work its "upside-down" catapults when
> in a gravity field? Did it launch MS from those things? I suppose the
  I don't see how that could work in Gravity! Then again, catapults are
probably not quite as useful in Gravity either.

> Alas, poor Jegan. I knew it well...

  I LIKE the Jegan, too bad we don't see it much.

> While I'm at it, when the thing hit Tibet, You have to wonder about the
> lasting global repercussions that were apparently ignored. Tibet is at a

  Nuclear-winter, etc... seem to be consistantly ignored in Gundam, even
though it's the whole point of CCA!

> local mountains were pushed up there by the Indian subcontinent) and
> brittle (all that cold, with lots of rock ice fracturing and aeolian
> weathering over millions of years).

  But wouldn't the "Brittle Rock" only be in the top few (Dozens) of
meters of the crust? When a colony comes crashing down it's excavating
literally mountains of rock and dust and soil!

> Anyway, when the rock hit, tens of thousands of tons of rock would have
> been vapourized on impact. This is assuming that a largely nickel-iron

  And ten to a hundred times more of that stuff being blasted into the air
by the explosion.

> asteroid impacted at minimal velocity, ie. by "dropping" it out of a

  Remember colonies are hollow, that would have a considerable effect on
the impact.

> decaying low orbit. This was apparently not the case, as they used Nukes
> to slow it down from a much higher orbit. Destruction of rock occurs

  No, I think it boils down to the same thing. Slowing down something in a
high orbit effectively puts it into a "Decaying low orbit".

> descent. This dust would spread far and fast all over the planet,
> turning the sky a smoggy blue-brown. Temperatures would drop, seasons
> would alter, and stuff would be generally unpleasant for quite some

  This is what Char wanted after all... nuclear winter.
  What's kinda funky is the fact that it hasn't _already_ happened in
Gundam with all those colonies coming down all over. So Earth should have
turned into a frozen grey ball of ice, eh?
  On the other hand, the Feds do have the "Solar System" (GRIN). Wouldn't
ot be hilarious if they were 'reheating' the atmosphere using the
component mirrors of that system?

> consequences from the Kuwait oil fires, and the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo
> and St. Helens, you gotta wonder why this stuff isn't mentioned, or
> really shown. I'll shut up now...

  Well, this is a Cartoon we're talking about, give them a break!


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