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Mark Simmons (
Thu, 7 Jan 1999 09:47:08 -0800

Mark Nguyen writes,

>OTOH, in the end of 0083 the Earth Orbital Fleet and additional forces
>clash with the Delaz stragglers. There were numerous GM-Cs in the mix;
>with the remaining White Base class carriers presumably wasted at
>Solomon, how did these MS get about? Piggyback tactics, as used at
>Abowaku in 0079?

  Though it's not clearly shown in the animation, I think the novels may
have indicated they were ferried about in Columbus-class transport ships.

>However, at the beginning of CCA they had yet to get the Nu; thus the
>total beginning force would have to be ninteen. You could surmise that
>Amuro and his ReGZ were additional forces (isn't he always?), so a
>"standard" Lar Kaillum force ma very well be six.

  True, and after the opening battle at 5th Luna, the Londo Bell is
_never_ at full strength anyway. I could see them cramming in the ReGZ
and its booster someplace funky, then housing it and the Nu Gundam in the
space vacated by lost Jegans...

>Hang on a second. Per the G-Project:
>82-Geara Doga
>4-Jago Doga
>And later, the A-Aziel

  I don't think I've catalogued Char's numbers on the Gundam Project yet.
The official total is 82 Gira Dogas, one Sazabi, and _two_ Jagd Dogas -
Gyunei's and Quess's. The Alpha Aziel won't fit inside a ship and is
instead towed to and fro.

-- Mark

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