Re: [Model] Next 2 (I said : Two!!) MGs Announcement

Paul Lampshire (
Wed, 6 Jan 1999 20:48:58 -0000

Do you have a visa card?

If you do, try Hobbylink Japan. Their URL is... something I can't remember
at the moment.

Trust me on this one. Customs aren't too interested in stuff from HLJ and
tend to leave it alone. Plus, the few places in the UK [Sheffield Space
Centre, who are very good generally, or Forbidden Planet, or Comet
Miniatures] will charge you [this is just an example, Ok?] 100 for the PG
EVA as opposed to 10,000 Yen [> 50] from HLJ. Even allowing for shipping,
that's a big saving.

>Does anyone know a good source of models/merchandise in the UK ?

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