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>Justin Palmer writes,
>> Did Anavel Gato also fly one? In the opening flashback OYW scene
>>in Gundam 0083, we see a close up of a Gelgoog. When the scene cuts to
>>the interior of the hangar bay, though, we see Gato about to board what
>>I presume is a Rik-Dom. I always assumed that the shot of the Gelgoog
>>was a shot of Gato in action, with the hangar scene occurring after he'd
>>returned to base for whatever reason. I'm not so sure, now...
> Yes, correct. The first episode of 0083 opens with a prologue that takes
>place during the Battle of A Bao A Qu, on the last day of the One Year War.
>Gato is fighting in a Gelgoog - generally identified as an MS-14S like
>Char's, which means that it should be one of the 25 prototypes - and loses
>one arm in combat. He heads for the nearest ship, which is Delaz's
>battleship Gwaden, and starts getting into a spare Rick Dom (actually drawn
>as a Dom Tropen in Rick Dom colors), when Delaz talks him out of it and
>convinces him to run away and take up the battle later.

        Ah, thanks for clearing that up. That also explains the line
about Gatos ship being destroyed...
        Maybe Gato has a twin brother with an identical fighting style,
which explains all this confusion about which battles he really was
at...? ^_-

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