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Something wierd happened in my last post. Let's try that again...

> They _look_ cool enough - though the notion that the Federation would
>build hundreds of postwar Salamis cruisers with upgrades on every
>while still omitting mobile suit capacity, is kinda weird - but they
>them two-thirds the size that the Salamis is in other series.

Odd. Unfortunately, they're rarely seen in fleet action in close
proximity to Musais.

OTOH, in the end of 0083 the Earth Orbital Fleet and additional forces
clash with the Delaz stragglers. There were numerous GM-Cs in the mix;
with the remaining White Base class carriers presumably wasted at
Solomon, how did these MS get about? Piggyback tactics, as used at
Abowaku in 0079?

>The Ahgama carries eight mobile suits - six downstairs, and two more
>upstairs next to the elevators and catapult connectors - which is quite
>lot for a ship that size. 'Course, the Alexandria-class cruiser used by
>the Titans does carry ten...

Which is a tight fit, no doubt.

> Sitting around with their thumbs up their butts, in accordance with
>Gundam tradition. After the Luna Two garrison are overrun by Char's
>fleet, the survivors throw in with the Londo Bell, and at the very end
>orbital fleet shows up to help.

Following giant robot show tradition, they were just waiting for the
best opportunity to do _only_ cool stuff.

> Given that the Londo Bell has 20 mobile suits at full strength - 18
>Jegans, the Re-GZ and the Nu Gundam - and that a Crap can carry four
>mobile suits, it stands to reason that the Lar Kailum must be able to
>squeeze in eight.

However, at the beginning of CCA they had yet to get the Nu; thus the
total beginning force would have to be ninteen. You could surmise that
Amuro and his ReGZ were additional forces (isn't he always?), so a
"standard" Lar Kaillum force ma very well be six. Makes you wonder if
Bright, while off shift, longingly reminisces about his days aboard
*real* ships...

> By the same reasoning, Char's 85 mobile suits might be divvied up
>six per Musaka (there are thirteen of these ships in all), with the
>Reyullura holding the extra seven. If the Musaka only holds five mobile
>suits, the Reyullura would have to carry twenty, which seems clearly

Hang on a second. Per the G-Project:
82-Geara Doga
4-Jago Doga
And later, the A-Aziel

Where were the other Jago Dogas? They were presumably for newtypes..?


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