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>Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 19:51:34 -0800
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>Subject: Re: Gundam Fleet Composition Examples
>Mark Nguyen writes,
>>Personally, I think the 0083 retocons are some of the better ones Ive
>>seen. They seem to have been mothballed in favor of MS-equipped
>>refits/newbuilds, though.
> They _look_ cool enough - though the notion that the Federation would
>build hundreds of postwar Salamis cruisers with upgrades on every
>while still omitting mobile suit capacity, is kinda weird - but they
>them two-thirds the size that the Salamis is in other series.
>>This I didn't know... Did she carry more MS than the Agama?
> Unclear; it may be that the extra space in the Radish is for
>conventional battleship features, while the MS decks stay the same
>The Ahgama carries eight mobile suits - six downstairs, and two more
>upstairs next to the elevators and catapult connectors - which is quite
>lot for a ship that size. 'Course, the Alexandria-class cruiser used by
>the Titans does carry ten...
>>Were there records of regular Fed forces engaging Neo Jion? We see
>>of Salamis and GMIII MS towards the end. What were they doing in the
> Sitting around with their thumbs up their butts, in accordance with
>Gundam tradition. After the Luna Two garrison are overrun by Char's
>fleet, the survivors throw in with the Londo Bell, and at the very end
>orbital fleet shows up to help.
>>Sorry to bug you like this, but not all of us have the super-sought
>>after EB #37 of the Gundam ships... :) How many MS did the Dorgos Gear
>>carry, anyway? The Lar Kaillum seemed to carry about 10, while later
>>it apparently gets reduced to 6. The Crap-class and variants are stuck
>>with a single team of three all the way through, though.
> No idea on the Dogos Gear, but given that it's twice the size of the
>Alexandria class, you'd expect it to hold a lot. I'd guess maybe 30 or
>40, which would constitute a complete fighting group.
> The Lar Kailum class carries six mobile suits in V Gundam, while the
>Crap carries four. Meanwhile, the Space Ark in F91 carries four; V
>Gundam's Reinforce, which is basically the same type of ship, carries
>extra two thanks to its expanded hangar.
> Given that the Londo Bell has 20 mobile suits at full strength - 18
>Jegans, the Re-GZ and the Nu Gundam - and that a Crap can carry four
>mobile suits, it stands to reason that the Lar Kailum must be able to
>squeeze in eight.
> By the same reasoning, Char's 85 mobile suits might be divvied up
>six per Musaka (there are thirteen of these ships in all), with the
>Reyullura holding the extra seven. If the Musaka only holds five mobile
>suits, the Reyullura would have to carry twenty, which seems clearly
>-- Mark

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