Re: [Model] Next 2 (I said : Two!!) MGs Announcement

Mark Kuettner (
Wed, 06 Jan 1999 19:34:31 PST

>> > (*_*) Darn, Now I will have 3 MkIIs (as the original stories?)
>> > (Titan's / AEUG's / and this!?)
>> > I hate BANDAI Marketing Team!!
>> Heh heh heh! Me too! Dang!
>So does a lot of people who bought MG Mk-II. Some people are hoping
>Bandai will release G-Defensor only due to a demand around March...

I doubt this. I don't mean to knock Bandai...well, actually I do, but
they saw the demand for the Titan vers. outsell the AEUG version, so
they know fans love variants more than they love spraypaint. Why sell
a 1500 yen conversion kit when they know the people WILL buy the
4000 yen SuperGundam?? That is so classic Bandai, guys....

Mark Kai

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