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Mark Nguyen (
Wed, 06 Jan 1999 19:24:14 PST

>> One wonders how Cima got supplies for her ships between '80-83!
> Most likely. Note the spiked shields her Gelgoogs use, pilfered from
>regular Zakus.

There's also the salvage business, which was apparently very lucrative
after the OYW. Jude Ashita's pre-ZZ job was as a salvage boy... In 0083,
we see *plenty* of space junk that must be invaluable for its worth.

Which does beg the question of why space junk in Gundam always looks
corroded and rusty. There's relatively little water in the colonies
themselves, and even if the "look" is due to micro-colisions or
shrapnel. Even energy blasts should only superheat the metal, right?

> The Musai is a light cruiser, generally described as being 234 meters
>long. The Salamis was always supposed to be bigger, about 300 meters,
>borne out by the relative size of the model kits and the ship
>diagrams from Z Gundam. The 200-meter "toy boat" Salamis is another one
>those Zeonophilic fabrications from 0083. :-)

Personally, I think the 0083 retocons are some of the better ones Ive
seen. They seem to have been mothballed in favor of MS-equipped
refits/newbuilds, though.

> The Ahgama's escorts come and go. As for the Radish, it's a full-size
>battleship, larger and more heavily armed than the Ahgama.

This I didn't know... Did she carry more MS than the Agama?

> In episode 9 (I think that's the one), the AEUG steal a bunch of
>Federation ships in drydock at Granada. Up until then, all they had was
>Ahgama and the Mont Blanc; after the mass ship heist, they have an
>fleet. It seems to be dispersed after the Jaburo operation, making the
>"fleet" harder to track down.

One wonders where the crews were before the theft.... Or where they got
their training to operate these ships.

> It is light, but the Londo Bell aren't supposed to be fighting enemy
>battle fleets. As for the Lar Kairam, the ship specs from V Gundam
>it's a monster - a 500-meter battleship, bigger than the Gwajin and
>three-quarters the size of the Dogos Gear.

Were there records of regular Fed forces engaging Neo Jion? We see lots
of Salamis and GMIII MS towards the end. What were they doing in the

Sorry to bug you like this, but not all of us have the super-sought
after EB #37 of the Gundam ships... :) How many MS did the Dorgos Gear
carry, anyway? The Lar Kaillum seemed to carry about 10, while later on
it apparently gets reduced to 6. The Crap-class and variants are stuck
with a single team of three all the way through, though.


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