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>Date: Tue, 5 Jan 1999 22:51:57 -0800
>From: Edward Ju <>
>Subject: Re: What I've learned from Giren's Greed...

>>>- "Legitimate" Zion
>>the who?!?!
>A red-headed woman without mask was featured on the page where the
>"Legitimate" Zion starts. I think she is Krishia Zabi but I could be
>wrong. Maybe this is the scenario where she lives after she shot Giren
>and manages to defeat the EMF as well?

I hardly think Krishia even remotely qualifies as a "Legitimate" Zion
much less lead them. Unless the blast that killed her somehow zapped her
brain and gave her a complete personality reversal! Probably the only
Zabi who could lay that claim would be Garma, who is ofcourse, dead.
Unless you can change history in this game and make him survive.


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