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>>>the final Battle of A Bao A Qu that a squadron of Ace Corps pilots
>>>entered combat. Among the members of this test corps were Johnny
>>>Thomas Kurtz, and Gerald Sakai.
>> Did Anavel Gato also fly one? In the opening flashback OYW
>>in Gundam 0083, we see a close up of a Gelgoog. When the scene cuts to
>>the interior of the hangar bay, though, we see Gato about to board what
>>I presume is a Rik-Dom. I always assumed that the shot of the Gelgoog
>>was a shot of Gato in action, with the hangar scene occurring after
>>returned to base for whatever reason. I'm not so sure, now...
>He might have been flying a Gelgoog during the battle, but was too
>to continue. Thus, he enters the hanger of Delaz's ship hanger to get
>another MS to go back into combat. Basically at that junction, you grab
>what is available, and they sure are not going to fix his original MS in
>a flash.
        Thats what I thought when I first saw it, but after Mark posted
about the elite Gelgoog pilots, I wasn't so certain that this might have
happened... and it might explain why Gato was so annoyed; taht he never
got to go into combat at Solomon...

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