[Model] Next 2 (I said : Two!!) MGs Announcement

Lersak B. (lersak@ksc11.th.com)
Wed, 06 Jan 1999 22:27:49 +0700

Just got HJ#2/99 ...and I found the confirmation in GEX Column that...

RX-178 (MkII) + FXA-05D (G-Defensor)
Scheduled to be End of January (!?)
Listed price 4,000 Yen
- The Box size is pretty close to GP-02A
- Box Art is so~so (not so impressive)
- For the FXA-05D option part "Only" is not listed or scheduled yet

(*_*) Darn, Now I will have 3 MkIIs (as the original stories?)
(Titan's / AEUG's / and this!?)
I hate BANDAI Marketing Team!!

Next is...
Scheduled to be launched in Feb.
Listed price 2,500 Yen
- So, it's not the option part as somebody expected.
- Head : Clear part, looking to Internal sensor is possible (!?)
- Backpack : Option parts for Single Beam Saber Holding, or Bazooka Rack
- New Engine Block
- Beam Spray Gun
- etc.

So, save up your money now!
"These MG Monsters ate my Wallet"

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