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Probe writes,

> Well, I don't remember what they used to propell Axis, but I wasn't
>under the impression that they were using 'focused' nuclear blasts or
>something like that. It's more like a controlled chain-reaction of
>relatively low power over a long legnth of time rather than a giant
>charge... right?

  It's a succession of laser-ignited fusion blasts, in which a pellet of
fusion "fuel" is compressed to the point of fusion. This process is
technically known as "inertial confinement." The pellets are ignited at a
rate of a few hundred per second. A magnetic field deflects the blast away
from the engine. As noted, the same system was proposed for the "Daedalus"

  While these pellets are pretty teeny, 200+ per second is a pretty gnarly
amount of bang power...

> You'd need the mag-field to be as powerful as the nuclear reaction
>itself! This is no easy feat at all.

  Maybe so; after all, if you could contain a nuclear blast with a magnetic
field (assuming it emitted only charged particles, a rare circumstance),
then everyone would do it...

> But what are the _nozzles_ on the back of the GP-02A's nuclear-bomb for
> And if it _was_ a massive controlled nuclear pulse blast, how come the
>GP-02 wasn't launched backwards at an incredibly high speed?

  Good points. :-)

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