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Probe writes,

> There's no way you can control a _nuclear_ blast with a simple magnetic
> Besides, if there was, don't you think _warships_ would be using this
>method to generate insane amounts of thrust, etc?

  This is called nuclear pulse propulsion. It's a legitimate proposal for
space travel, and is used in the Gundam world to move large asteroids like
Axis. The trick is to use a reaction that generates only charged
particles... like, say, the helium-3 fusion reaction used in mobile suit
reactors. Such a weapon would just be a leaky mobile suit reactor, with
perhaps extra tweaks to the magnetic field to accelerate and focus the

  While I've found no text to support the theory that this is how the
GP02's bazooka works, it sure matches the animation; I don't see no
friggin' warhead shooting out of that barrel.

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