Re: What I've learned from Giren's Greed...

Chris Beilby (
Tue, 05 Jan 1999 13:09:30 -0800

Prabal Nandy wrote:

> > > Well, there _ARE_ TV guided missiles and drones even _today_ so one must
> > TV guided missiles still rely on a signal between the launching platform and
> Not necessarily.
> > the missile. A signal that could be disrupted by M-particles...
> Sure, if you need a signal!
> Besides, it's been stated explicitly that M-particles don't block visual
> radiation. I can buy a $9 laser-pointer from "Target" and stick that on
> the end of a missile and have it always pointing at the mothership and
> 'burst downloading' data as it flies.
> But that isn't really necessary. Just use a "Space Tomahawk" given an
> image of its target to hit!
> -Probe

  Perhaps, but remember how much beam scatter that there is with lasers. Plus, the
firing platform has to remain absolutely still or it loses signal and control...

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