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> This leads to some interesting questions, which we get from the line
>art and from the MG kit:
> 1. How can the Nuke be long range when it looks like it hardly has
> any thrusters on it at all, and no fuel-tank area?
> 2. Why is the 'zook barrel so long and so 'techy' looking?
> 3. Why does the 'zook require an aiming reticle?
> 4. Why not use a 'normal' Fed 360mm 'zook with the nuke?
> My theory is that the GP-02 Bazooka is actually a giant _rail_gun_
>(which explains why it looks the way it does, and why the nuke is shaped
>like that). It requires a massive amount of power and 'kicks' the nuke out
>of the barrel at high speed, which allows the nuke shell to not have to
>carry its own rocket motors and fuel (Safety hazard) and makes it hard to
>intercept or be shot down. This explains a great deal about the way the
>GP-02 seems to operate with its nuke!
> -Probe

I subscribe to this theory...the large flash burst from the muzzle could
also be explained as plasma residue from firing something like that...the
railgun theory would also explain why the bazooka has rings around the
barrel, for these would be the magnetic coils.
interesting, all inall.

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