Re: Labor dispute (was Re: Christmas Present)

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Tue, 5 Jan 1999 12:25:52 -0700 (MST)

> > On a similar, but Gundam related topic - this MG GM kit - from what I hear
> > you need to buy [or have] an MG Gundam kit because it's not a kit in it's
> > own right, just a patch. Is this right? If it is, then it makes the GM 5500

  Is this really true or is this just speculation? I've heard from other
people on RAAM that it is a complete kit, and that it's a patch from here.
Does anyone actually know for sure, or is it actually written up in HJ or

> Yup, I believe it'll include, engine block, new parts for legs, head,
> option parts for backpack, beam spray gun, bazooka, new parts for a side
> waist armor(which can be used as a weapon rack, IIRC). Personally, I

  That is kinda neat, but I don't like the wasteage of parts etc. And you
know, what kinda bugs me is that the GM is supposed to be subtly different
from the gundam all around, isn't it? I mean, it's supposed to have
slightly different shoulders and legs etc... Basically it sounds like you
buy the MG gundam and end up throwing out alot of the more interesting
parts (like the CF) to build the GM. Frankly, I don't understand why it
needs a new Engine block, can't it use the Gundam's own "Dummy Engine
block" instead?
  The other things that bug me about this is that a new backpack, some
extra parts and weapons _can't_ fill a MG-sized box! So where do they get
off charging $25 for it?
  Finally, the GM always sports a completely different color scheme than
the flaming Gundam, this would make the MG GM the first MG that _requires_
a full repaint. (Scowl). I don't mind for a $8 0080 GM or a $5 Jegan, but
for a kit that's going to cost about $55 all told I better not _have_ to
paint it! Grrr!

> If you know what Super Gundam looks like, that's the right proportion.
> If you image G-Flyer(Super Gundam's flying mode), that's too big. If you

  I don't really want it, but it's almost worth getting if they do a great
job on that "Flame Launcher" giant beam-rifle it's supposed to carry! MAN,
that thing's gotta be Hyper-mega-bazooka-like in power!


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