[GUNDAM] Anime Encyclopedia #1 (slightly off topic?)

Yves Sakai (yves@hawaii.edu)
Tue, 5 Jan 1999 08:46:09 -1000

I was looking at the latest PREVIEWS Magazine (for ordering comics in
March 1999 through Diamond Distributors) and came across this item.

Anime Multimedia Encyclopedia CD-ROM #1: The Robots
The first multi-volume CD-ROM Anime Encyclopedia includes more than 300
stunning images, video and audio lasting for more than 40 minutes with 60
detailed, informative sections providing all the plots, authors, and
inside information on six unforgettable mechanical heroes. The disc is
trilingual with your choice of English, French, or Italian. The CD-ROM
comes with a 100-page volume of additional information and is packaged in
an elegant presentation box. Windows and Mac compatible. $39.00

The picture that accompanies it is really small (and I have bad eyes), but
I can pick out Zeta Gundam and I think RX-78. Grendaizer is the only other
one I am sure of. Anyone heard of this? Do you folks know what the 6
robots are? (Wish there were more.) Is this worth buying?


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